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Vape Bowling_9

Motley Brew X Vape Summit: It Rocked!

A few weeks back, we attended the Vape Summit in Houston, TX and threw a rather awesome party. It proved to be a super fun night of vape industry good times, and hanging with those who help make this industry phenomenal! As you can imagine, the combination of an exquisite array of e-liquids, top-notch mods, rad peeps, good eats and drinks, and bowling all set into a stylishly swanky scene made for a night none of us will be forgetting!

In case you were not aware, Vape Summit is/ was one of the largest events of its kind. Countless big names from the industry attended, as did plenty of advocates, sponsors, exhibitors, and the many, many attendees who showed up to proudly flaunt their love of the #vapelife. As this is an industry built by the people, for the people, a gathering of this kind proved just how passionate we are about the smoke free lifestyle. Vape Summit was freaking awesome!

Being a niche industry, there aren’t many places you can just go to hang out with other like-minded individuals who experience the same pleasure and joy that you do in vaping, everywhere. The beauty of a massive industry-themed event like Vape Summit is that connecting to the industry on such a large scale over the course of a weekend really solidifies all that is great about being a part of this movement. Chatting with up and coming names, reaching out to the big companies, meeting other vapers from all over the place, checking out all the new products and liquids that will be hitting the market in the coming months… basically being immersed in everything that makes this industry great was what Vape Summit was about, and let me tell you, every single minute of it ROCKED!

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