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Pairing Your Motley Brew E-Juice with Your Favorite Bar Drinks

Vaping and CocktailsWhen it comes to living well, it’s the little things in life that count the most, and one of my greatest small pleasures is the simple enjoyment of one of my favorite e-liquid flavors, along with a great drink. Cocktails, wines, and even beers and ales, like vape juices, come in a wide range of flavors and varieties, and Motley Brew makes some of the best e-juices around. While either is great on its own, when you combine the great flavor of a Motley Brew e-liquid with the right drink, the combination can be downright exquisite.

Here’s a quick look at some of my favorite combinations. I love to take a drag on the vape pen, letting my taste buds absorb the flavor before exhaling slowly, then taking a drink that cleanses the palette, while adding to the flavorful sensation.

Here are some great combinations of Motley Brew e-juices and complementary drinks you might want to try.

The Old Fashioned Vape and Drink

Motley Brew’s Old Fashioned e-liquid is the perfect complement to the namesake cocktail. A drag on my vape pen give me the flavor of a finely aged whiskey, with a hint of genuine sugarcane sugar and topped with spicy bitters and a dash of citrus. Taking a drink of an Old Fashioned cocktail, provides a second helping of that same wonderful flavor.

Brew’s Brothers

If you like espresso or gourmet coffees, the Brew’s Brothers e-liquid combines dark-roasted European espresso with vanilla bean cream from Madagascar, and a mildly sweet tobacco taste, plus a dash of deliciously rich butterscotch. My two favorite drinks to go along with the Brew’s Brothers is a shot of Buttery Nipple or Amaretto. A  Buttery Nipple really draws out the butterscotch flavor, while an Amaretto shot adds a slightly different twist.

Pearadise City

The Pearadise City vape juice combines exotic lychee with succulent pears, blended with French vanilla bean cream and topped off with a bit of mint. It’s a truly delicious e-juice that leaves my mouth watering after a short pull. The great thing about it is, virtually any fruity cocktail enhances the flavor, whether it’s a simple gin and juice, traditional screwdriver, or something more exotic, like a Cosmopolitan. Motley Brew’s pear flavoring will work great with just about anything with a fruity taste.

Almost Famous

Motley Brew used European influences to create its Almost Famous variety, which reminds me of a succulent dessert dish. Almost Famous combines many sweet flavorings, including blueberries, praline pecans, and powdered sugar. Taking a drag excites the senses, much in the same way as a trip to a local bakery might. The sweetened flavor works best with a good port wine or any variety of sweet wine that you might prefer.

Froot Fighters

Froot Fighters offers a blend of the best melon-based flavors, like chilled watermelon, ripe cantaloupe, and a succulent honeydew melon, along with special blended flavors, to create a truly unique and downright refreshing e-juice that tastes great and reminds me of a gorgeous summer day spent on a breezy family porch. With its medley of melon flavors, the Froot Fighter is an ideal complement to a delicious margarita or a strawberry daiquiri. Cool, flavorful, and refreshing, either drink helps me to relax and unwind, while enjoying a great vape.

Grateful Red

The Grateful Red e-juice by Motley Brew clearly is inspired by the Grateful Dead scene, and sticks to that down-home theme with an e-liquid that combines Granny Smith and red delicious apple flavors, along with a brown sugar glaze and rich, succulent, Tahitian vanilla cream. A caramelized cane sugar and lightly salted drizzle of caramel top it all off, and leave my mouth craving the taste of a caramel apple. With the apple-based flavors, it’s hard to go wrong when enjoying an appletini or even a hard cider. Many of the fruit-flavored brewed beverages also pair great, including the many varieties of hard cider now on the market.

Experimentation Works Best

There are no set rules on which drinks work best with which Motley Brew vape juice, and that means you have a great opportunity to try and create your own favorite combinations of e-juice and a good adult beverage. I find few things more relaxing and enjoyable than taking a pull on one of my favorite Motley Brew varieties, followed by a drink or shot. It’s a great way to enjoy the simple life, while also partaking of some of the finest and safest e-liquids available anywhere.

Handcrafted Quality and Purity

Motley Brew makes many great vape juices that are handcrafted in FDA-approved labs and completely free of diacetyl and acetyl propionyl, to help ensure safety, as well as great taste. Nicotine purity is 99.89 percent, and each Motley Brew e-liquid is made using top-rated, soy-based glycerin and Kosher-grade ingredients. All of its vape juice varieties are specially designed for inhalation and are GRAS-approved, making them among the best-tasting, best-vaping, and safest e-liquids on the market.