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Why You Should Vape at Concerts and Music Events

At Motley Brew, we know you’re a lot more likely to hook up if you smell like one of our premium vape juices than the stale tobacco. Vaping at concerts and music events is a great fit – you’re in an environment where everyone’s relaxed and having a good time, and our e-juices are only going to enhance that experience for yourself and those around you.

Be Smart, Check Out the Venue

Depending on what you’re vaping, you may or may not get hassled by security at the door. A lot of it may depend on what city you’re in and what the current laws are and which venue you go to. A smart thing to do is find out about the venue before you go. Is it indoors or outdoors? Do they have an explicit vape policy? It always helps to do a little research beforehand.

Will Security Be an Issue?

Will security be tight at the show you’re going to see? Many venues do a pat-down at the door as standard procedure and some locations even use metal detectors. Some may make you empty your pockets or want to look in a purse. In these cases, the smaller and less conspicuous your vape is, the better.

If Necessary, Be Inconspicuous

Once you’re into the show, think about where you want to be so you won’t be too conspicuous to security who might want to hassle you. If the show is general admission, the middle of the floor, not too close to the front, with people all around you, is a great place to be.

If you’re with friends and want to share, obviously be discreet about it. If you’re not, don’t be surprised if a stranger (or more than one) wants to take a hit or two off your vape. Depending on how social you want to be and – let’s be honest – how good looking the person asking is, this can be a positive or negative thing! Enjoy the show, and enjoy your Motley Brew vape!