What Does Your Vape Juice Say About You?

At Motley Brew, our handcrafted e-liquids are specifically designed with vape connoisseurs, like you, in mind.

So, what does your vape juice say about you? As it turns out, a whole lot! Here’s what we know our Motley Brew flavors say about those that use them.

  1. Brew’s Brothers: This vape juice is based on dark-roasted European espresso with traces of Madagascar vanilla bean cream, sweet tobacco leaf and butterscotch. It says you like the finer things in life and won’t settle for less.
  2. Almost Famous: More than a great movie title, this vapor smells like a cake straight out of the oven! A mix of blueberry, praline pecans, and powdered sugar, vaping Almost Famous says you get what you want, when you want it!
  3. Grateful Red: Granny Smith apples have never been cooler! This vape juice combines apples, brown sugar, Tahitian vanilla custard, and salted caramel. Decadent and full of flavor, if you use this vape juice it shows you enjoy a communal spirit, like that of a Grateful Dead concert.
  4. Old Fashioned: Bring on the whisky! Old Fashioned splices together whisky, bitters, citrus notes, and sugarcane. Only the classiest of the classy vape Old Fashioned!
  5. Froot Fighters: Rock out like the Foo Fighters with this recipe featuring watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and a few other secret ingredients. Vaping Froot Fighters shows you have plenty of youthful energy (even if you don’t feel that young anymore).
  6. Pearadise City: Featuring juicy pear flavor blended with lychee and vanilla bean cream, this vape juice is a refreshing treat. Vaping this e-juice shows you’re always in cool control of any situation.

Pick up any of the fine Motley Brew e-juice flavors and we’re not only confident you’ll love them, you’ll love what they say about you, too!

Vape Bowling_9

Motley Brew X Vape Summit: It Rocked!

A few weeks back, we attended the Vape Summit in Houston, TX and threw a rather awesome party. It proved to be a super fun night of vape industry good times, and hanging with those who help make this industry phenomenal! As you can imagine, the combination of an exquisite array of e-liquids, top-notch mods, rad peeps, good eats and drinks, and bowling all set into a stylishly swanky scene made for a night none of us will be forgetting!

In case you were not aware, Vape Summit is/ was one of the largest events of its kind. Countless big names from the industry attended, as did plenty of advocates, sponsors, exhibitors, and the many, many attendees who showed up to proudly flaunt their love of the #vapelife. As this is an industry built by the people, for the people, a gathering of this kind proved just how passionate we are about the smoke free lifestyle. Vape Summit was freaking awesome!

Being a niche industry, there aren’t many places you can just go to hang out with other like-minded individuals who experience the same pleasure and joy that you do in vaping, everywhere. The beauty of a massive industry-themed event like Vape Summit is that connecting to the industry on such a large scale over the course of a weekend really solidifies all that is great about being a part of this movement. Chatting with up and coming names, reaching out to the big companies, meeting other vapers from all over the place, checking out all the new products and liquids that will be hitting the market in the coming months… basically being immersed in everything that makes this industry great was what Vape Summit was about, and let me tell you, every single minute of it ROCKED!

Vape Bowling_1 Vape Bowling_2 Vape Bowling_3 Vape Bowling_4 Vape Bowling_5 Vape Bowling_6 Vape Bowling_7 Vape Bowling_8 Vape Bowling_9 Vape Bowling_10 Vape Bowling_11 Vape Bowling_12 Vape Bowling_13 Vape Bowling_14 Vape Bowling_15 Vape Bowling_16

Welcome to Motley Brew!

Friends and connoisseurs alike, we’d like to introduce ourselves. As a newcomer in the market of e-liquid, we’re busting onto this scene and we’re ready to shake things up a bit.

So who are we?

We are vaping enthusiasts ourselves, and we are wildly passionate about e-liquid. We’ve traveled the globe to source the best ingredients (not joking) and have created a formula we, as vapers and experts ourselves, feel is the perfect balance of taste and performance.

We don’t follow the curve; that’s a little boring for our taste. We prefer the road less traveled, and doing things our own way. You could say the spirit of rock ‘n roll called us long ago, and we’ve never looked back! It’s that same essence infused into all of our liquids; a step beyond, a flair for the unexpected, and unwavering good taste.

We’re also crazy passionate about quality. It’s one of those ‘do or die’ things; either go all the way, or go home, you know? The best quality gets you the best results, and if things cost a little more, and are a little harder to get, well, all the better for those who’ve got the balls to go after it.

What We Bring to the Table & the Vape Pen Testimonials

Some of the things you can look forward to with our exclusive line of products is a very hands-on approach to e-liquid. Sure, you can go after run of the mill, mass produced liquids that have been made abroad, and probably sitting in a musty box in customs for a while, but after you try our e-juice, handcrafted in small batches right here in the States, you’ll probably reconsider! High standards make for better products, and we are all about the pleasure in the experience.

Simply, life is too short to vape bad liquid. Motley Brew invites you to vape proudly and boldly; you up for the challenge?

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