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There’s nothing quite like finding your favorite song and playing it over and over again! But, when you discover an amazingly melodic remix of that song, it’s like falling in love all over again! When we started thinking of our new line of e-juice, REMIXED by Motley Brew, we were aiming to provide our vape fam with just that! New vape juice flavors, new packaging, same Motley Brew you’ve come to love, but with a million-dollar makeover! The times are a-changing, our fans’ palates have evolved as more and more e-liquid choices become available, we’ve remastered our style, and we’re ready for show time! We’ve been in the studio chopping and brewing these new tracks for you, and we’re so excited to release the compilation. Here’s the full lineup:

Crumb DMC

Yo, it’s tricky to find a vape juice that’s bangin! Beat the hard times, and fill your tank or dripper with this vape juice. From the first draw you’re gonna be hooked as a crisp green apple front note invades your palate. A tight melody of cinnamon and crumble cake flavor body adds depth to this e-liquid leaving a sugary sweet after note that will leave you saying, “Damn, B!” As CRUMB DMC from REMIXED by Motley Brew leaves your lips, experience the perfect mix of apple, crumb cake, and light cream notes. Don’t play yourself – walk this way to apple crumb heaven!

The Drop

Ever wanted to experience the equivalent of a light show for your taste buds?! The Drop from REMIXED by Motley Brew has arrived with an authentic and tempting key lime vape juice that goes HAM. Experience a face melt from vaping this sweet and tart juice that shuffles through your mouth. Upon the first draw of this juice, you’ll discover key lime cookies topped off with a blueberry reduction and vanilla a-la-mode. Get your ticket, throw your hands up, get plurnt, and embrace the peace, love, unity & respect.

Bubble Pop

Capture the surreal experience of your squad singing the lyrics of your favorite song and a sweet eclipse of lip smacking bubble gum – what a time to be alive! A ripe strawberry and kiwi combination arrives loading your tongue with a sugary front note. A palatable fusion of watermelon and lemon lime dance around the flavor body that can only be defined as ON FLEEK. When all is said and done, Bubble Pop leaves a berry infused bubble gum back note you will not soon forget – unlike Myspace. And just in case you were wondering, this vape juice has been chick tested, and bro approved.

Do you already have your eyes on a favorite? Then head to, plug in your information, and choose your flavor, because we’re giving 6,000 people the chance to try it before anyone else! If you get there in time, you’ll be the first to vape these new liquids straight out of production! This album has been mastered for your liking, and we are so excited for you to try these vape juices for yourself!

For any wholesale inquiries about REMIXED by Motley Brew, feel free to send us an email at [email protected]! We’re ready to take your orders! Remix your life with REMIXED by Motley Brew!

Why You Should Vape at Concerts and Music Events

At Motley Brew, we know you’re a lot more likely to hook up if you smell like one of our premium vape juices than the stale tobacco. Vaping at concerts and music events is a great fit – you’re in an environment where everyone’s relaxed and having a good time, and our e-juices are only going to enhance that experience for yourself and those around you.

Be Smart, Check Out the Venue

Depending on what you’re vaping, you may or may not get hassled by security at the door. A lot of it may depend on what city you’re in and what the current laws are and which venue you go to. A smart thing to do is find out about the venue before you go. Is it indoors or outdoors? Do they have an explicit vape policy? It always helps to do a little research beforehand.

Will Security Be an Issue?

Will security be tight at the show you’re going to see? Many venues do a pat-down at the door as standard procedure and some locations even use metal detectors. Some may make you empty your pockets or want to look in a purse. In these cases, the smaller and less conspicuous your vape is, the better.

If Necessary, Be Inconspicuous

Once you’re into the show, think about where you want to be so you won’t be too conspicuous to security who might want to hassle you. If the show is general admission, the middle of the floor, not too close to the front, with people all around you, is a great place to be.

If you’re with friends and want to share, obviously be discreet about it. If you’re not, don’t be surprised if a stranger (or more than one) wants to take a hit or two off your vape. Depending on how social you want to be and – let’s be honest – how good looking the person asking is, this can be a positive or negative thing! Enjoy the show, and enjoy your Motley Brew vape!

What Does Your Vape Juice Say About You?

At Motley Brew, our handcrafted e-liquids are specifically designed with vape connoisseurs, like you, in mind.

So, what does your vape juice say about you? As it turns out, a whole lot! Here’s what we know our Motley Brew flavors say about those that use them.

  1. Brew’s Brothers: This vape juice is based on dark-roasted European espresso with traces of Madagascar vanilla bean cream, sweet tobacco leaf and butterscotch. It says you like the finer things in life and won’t settle for less.
  2. Almost Famous: More than a great movie title, this vapor smells like a cake straight out of the oven! A mix of blueberry, praline pecans, and powdered sugar, vaping Almost Famous says you get what you want, when you want it!
  3. Grateful Red: Granny Smith apples have never been cooler! This vape juice combines apples, brown sugar, Tahitian vanilla custard, and salted caramel. Decadent and full of flavor, if you use this vape juice it shows you enjoy a communal spirit, like that of a Grateful Dead concert.
  4. Old Fashioned: Bring on the whisky! Old Fashioned splices together whisky, bitters, citrus notes, and sugarcane. Only the classiest of the classy vape Old Fashioned!
  5. Froot Fighters: Rock out like the Foo Fighters with this recipe featuring watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, and a few other secret ingredients. Vaping Froot Fighters shows you have plenty of youthful energy (even if you don’t feel that young anymore).
  6. Pearadise City: Featuring juicy pear flavor blended with lychee and vanilla bean cream, this vape juice is a refreshing treat. Vaping this e-juice shows you’re always in cool control of any situation.

Pick up any of the fine Motley Brew e-juice flavors and we’re not only confident you’ll love them, you’ll love what they say about you, too!

Vape Bowling_9

Motley Brew X Vape Summit: It Rocked!

A few weeks back, we attended the Vape Summit in Houston, TX and threw a rather awesome party. It proved to be a super fun night of vape industry good times, and hanging with those who help make this industry phenomenal! As you can imagine, the combination of an exquisite array of e-liquids, top-notch mods, rad peeps, good eats and drinks, and bowling all set into a stylishly swanky scene made for a night none of us will be forgetting!

In case you were not aware, Vape Summit is/ was one of the largest events of its kind. Countless big names from the industry attended, as did plenty of advocates, sponsors, exhibitors, and the many, many attendees who showed up to proudly flaunt their love of the #vapelife. As this is an industry built by the people, for the people, a gathering of this kind proved just how passionate we are about the smoke free lifestyle. Vape Summit was freaking awesome!

Being a niche industry, there aren’t many places you can just go to hang out with other like-minded individuals who experience the same pleasure and joy that you do in vaping, everywhere. The beauty of a massive industry-themed event like Vape Summit is that connecting to the industry on such a large scale over the course of a weekend really solidifies all that is great about being a part of this movement. Chatting with up and coming names, reaching out to the big companies, meeting other vapers from all over the place, checking out all the new products and liquids that will be hitting the market in the coming months… basically being immersed in everything that makes this industry great was what Vape Summit was about, and let me tell you, every single minute of it ROCKED!

Vape Bowling_1 Vape Bowling_2 Vape Bowling_3 Vape Bowling_4 Vape Bowling_5 Vape Bowling_6 Vape Bowling_7 Vape Bowling_8 Vape Bowling_9 Vape Bowling_10 Vape Bowling_11 Vape Bowling_12 Vape Bowling_13 Vape Bowling_14 Vape Bowling_15 Vape Bowling_16