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There’s nothing quite like finding your favorite song and playing it over and over again! But, when you discover an amazingly melodic remix of that song, it’s like falling in love all over again! When we started thinking of our new line of e-juice, REMIXED by Motley Brew, we were aiming to provide our vape fam with just that! New vape juice flavors, new packaging, same Motley Brew you’ve come to love, but with a million-dollar makeover! The times are a-changing, our fans’ palates have evolved as more and more e-liquid choices become available, we’ve remastered our style, and we’re ready for show time! We’ve been in the studio chopping and brewing these new tracks for you, and we’re so excited to release the compilation. Here’s the full lineup:

Crumb DMC

Yo, it’s tricky to find a vape juice that’s bangin! Beat the hard times, and fill your tank or dripper with this vape juice. From the first draw you’re gonna be hooked as a crisp green apple front note invades your palate. A tight melody of cinnamon and crumble cake flavor body adds depth to this e-liquid leaving a sugary sweet after note that will leave you saying, “Damn, B!” As CRUMB DMC from REMIXED by Motley Brew leaves your lips, experience the perfect mix of apple, crumb cake, and light cream notes. Don’t play yourself – walk this way to apple crumb heaven!

The Drop

Ever wanted to experience the equivalent of a light show for your taste buds?! The Drop from REMIXED by Motley Brew has arrived with an authentic and tempting key lime vape juice that goes HAM. Experience a face melt from vaping this sweet and tart juice that shuffles through your mouth. Upon the first draw of this juice, you’ll discover key lime cookies topped off with a blueberry reduction and vanilla a-la-mode. Get your ticket, throw your hands up, get plurnt, and embrace the peace, love, unity & respect.

Bubble Pop

Capture the surreal experience of your squad singing the lyrics of your favorite song and a sweet eclipse of lip smacking bubble gum – what a time to be alive! A ripe strawberry and kiwi combination arrives loading your tongue with a sugary front note. A palatable fusion of watermelon and lemon lime dance around the flavor body that can only be defined as ON FLEEK. When all is said and done, Bubble Pop leaves a berry infused bubble gum back note you will not soon forget – unlike Myspace. And just in case you were wondering, this vape juice has been chick tested, and bro approved.

Do you already have your eyes on a favorite? Then head to, plug in your information, and choose your flavor, because we’re giving 6,000 people the chance to try it before anyone else! If you get there in time, you’ll be the first to vape these new liquids straight out of production! This album has been mastered for your liking, and we are so excited for you to try these vape juices for yourself!

For any wholesale inquiries about REMIXED by Motley Brew, feel free to send us an email at [email protected]! We’re ready to take your orders! Remix your life with REMIXED by Motley Brew!

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