Unleash Your Street Vibes With Crumb DMC!

Have you ever tasted something so good it made want to move your body, start dancing, and tell everyone what you’ve just experienced?! We’ve been told one of our new REMIXED by Motley Brew vape juices, Crumb DMC, does just this. This specific e-liquid was crafted as we were listening to some hip hop from 80’s, specifically the song “It’s Like That” by Run DMC. As this song blasted through our office, suddenly a flavor idea hit us like a ton of bricks, and thus Crumb DMC was born!

Warm crumble cake with baked green apples topped off with some delectable cream. It’s the perfect combination of sweet and savory that will just make you want to move your feet. Handcrafted in American FDA registered labs with top-rated Glycerin and Kosher Grade ingredients, this high VG juice produces big clouds and even bigger flavor. It’s time to remix your life vapers! Grab your mod, fill up your tank with some Crumb, and unleash your inner street vibes!



There’s nothing quite like finding your favorite song and playing it over and over again! But, when you discover an amazingly melodic remix of that song, it’s like falling in love all over again! When we started thinking of our new line of e-juice, REMIXED by Motley Brew, we were aiming to provide our vape fam with just that! New vape juice flavors, new packaging, same Motley Brew you’ve come to love, but with a million-dollar makeover! The times are a-changing, our fans’ palates have evolved as more and more e-liquid choices become available, we’ve remastered our style, and we’re ready for show time! We’ve been in the studio chopping and brewing these new tracks for you, and we’re so excited to release the compilation. Here’s the full lineup:

Crumb DMC

Yo, it’s tricky to find a vape juice that’s bangin! Beat the hard times, and fill your tank or dripper with this vape juice. From the first draw you’re gonna be hooked as a crisp green apple front note invades your palate. A tight melody of cinnamon and crumble cake flavor body adds depth to this e-liquid leaving a sugary sweet after note that will leave you saying, “Damn, B!” As CRUMB DMC from REMIXED by Motley Brew leaves your lips, experience the perfect mix of apple, crumb cake, and light cream notes. Don’t play yourself – walk this way to apple crumb heaven!

The Drop

Ever wanted to experience the equivalent of a light show for your taste buds?! The Drop from REMIXED by Motley Brew has arrived with an authentic and tempting key lime vape juice that goes HAM. Experience a face melt from vaping this sweet and tart juice that shuffles through your mouth. Upon the first draw of this juice, you’ll discover key lime cookies topped off with a blueberry reduction and vanilla a-la-mode. Get your ticket, throw your hands up, get plurnt, and embrace the peace, love, unity & respect.

Bubble Pop

Capture the surreal experience of your squad singing the lyrics of your favorite song and a sweet eclipse of lip smacking bubble gum – what a time to be alive! A ripe strawberry and kiwi combination arrives loading your tongue with a sugary front note. A palatable fusion of watermelon and lemon lime dance around the flavor body that can only be defined as ON FLEEK. When all is said and done, Bubble Pop leaves a berry infused bubble gum back note you will not soon forget – unlike Myspace. And just in case you were wondering, this vape juice has been chick tested, and bro approved.

Do you already have your eyes on a favorite? Then head to http://www.motleybrew.com/remixed-giveaway/, plug in your information, and choose your flavor, because we’re giving 6,000 people the chance to try it before anyone else! If you get there in time, you’ll be the first to vape these new liquids straight out of production! This album has been mastered for your liking, and we are so excited for you to try these vape juices for yourself!

For any wholesale inquiries about REMIXED by Motley Brew, feel free to send us an email at [email protected]! We’re ready to take your orders! Remix your life with REMIXED by Motley Brew!

Vaper’s Tongue

Vapers Tongue & How to Fix ItEveryone who vapes – whether they be newbie or veteran – can expect to encounter what is known as “vaper’s tongue” at some point. Having encountered it myself when I initially started vaping, the first thing you’ll likely do is wonder if your vaporizer is working right or if your juice has gone bad.

Save yourself the time fiddling with your equipment because bad gear is not the cause of vaper’s tongue. What causes that lack of taste isn’t mechanical, it’s physical and it can have a few different causes.

What Is Vaper’s Tongue?

The name is a bit of a misnomer. The issue isn’t with your tongue, it’s your sense of smell. To be precise about it, vaper’s tongue is actually olfactory fatigue. Before you panic, it’s not a serious medical condition nor is it a permanent thing. The taste you get from e-liquids comes from two sources: your sense of taste and your sense of smell. While experiencing olfactory fatigue, you can still faintly taste the flavors but much of the taste is lost due to the lack of smell. There are multiple causes and also various ways to reduce or prevent olfactory fatigue.   

What Are The Causes?

You Used to Smoke Cigarettes: like a lot of people I switched to vaping from smoking traditional cigarettes. Smoking causes a reduction in your senses of taste and smell. Because of this, it can take your brain a while to level off. I found that my ability to taste my favorite e-liquids came and went seemingly at random as my senses recalibrated over the passing weeks.

Overuse of One Flavor: it’s easy to become over exposed to a flavor. If you find yourself no longer able to taste your favorite flavor, you may simply be overdoing it. Switch to a different flavor every so often to prevent overexposure. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from!

Dehydration: vaping uses up plenty of moisture and a lot of it comes from your mouth. If you find your mouth is dry and you’re thirsty, then a glass of water can help.

Taste Bud Damage: while your nose is more important for your ability to taste e-liquids, you still need your sense of taste to get a full experience. Things such as overly spicy foods, sour foods, alcohol, illness, and some medications can damage your taste buds. The good news is that damaged taste buds regrow, but the bad news is that this process can take up to two weeks.     

Illness: sometimes vaper’s tongue is nothing more complex than a stuffed-up nose. Colds, allergies, and the flu can greatly reduce your sense of smell, which in turn reduces your ability to taste flavors. Other conditions such as bad oral health can also play a factor, so keep your teeth clean and your gums healthy.

Random Chance/Who Knows: sometimes it’s hard to pin down exactly why your sense of taste isn’t as sharp as it once was. It’s a pain, for sure, but there’s not much left to do aside from trying the following solutions.  

How to Fix Vaper’s Tongue

Change Flavors: too much of a good thing is an old saying to keep in mind. Switch up your flavors every few weeks and you greatly reduce the chance of becoming over-exposed to one. Also, have some variety in your e-juice selection. Everything shouldn’t be all sweet or all sour, as having a range of flavors helps prevent olfactory fatigue.

Use Stronger Flavors: sometimes the best solution is to use something with a little more punch. Menthol flavors are notably strong and even if you have vaper’s tongue you’ll still taste it. Plus, it can help in recovering from olfactory fatigue.   

Hydrate: as noted above, dehydration can cause vaper’s tongue, so drinking water helps solve this problem. A good rule of thumb is to drink water regularly while vaping as it helps keep you hydrated. Vaping won’t cause dehydration, but a dry mouth can certainly ruin the taste experience.  

Oral Health: taking care of your teeth is just good advice in general. More specifically, it can help prevent olfactory fatigue. Residue from e-liquids can build up on your tongue, which affects your sense of taste. Regular brushing helps remove any build up. Mouthwash and gum also help as they both cleanse the palette and also prevent dry mouth due to lack of saliva.  

Shock to The System: another method to keep in mind is trying to give your olfactory system a swift kick. Strong smells such as inhaling the smell of coffee beans (or grounds) or sucking on a lemon can help reset your sense of smell.

Give It Time: as I learned, in some cases all you can do is wait it out. As noted above, damage to your taste buds can take up to two weeks to heal. If you’ve recently quit smoking, all you can do is to wait for time to pass as your senses adjust. The same is also true of illnesses such as colds or flus that reduce your sense of smell. Not to worry though, as your sense of smell will return!

Pairing Your Motley Brew E-Juice with Your Favorite Bar Drinks

Vaping and CocktailsWhen it comes to living well, it’s the little things in life that count the most, and one of my greatest small pleasures is the simple enjoyment of one of my favorite e-liquid flavors, along with a great drink. Cocktails, wines, and even beers and ales, like vape juices, come in a wide range of flavors and varieties, and Motley Brew makes some of the best e-juices around. While either is great on its own, when you combine the great flavor of a Motley Brew e-liquid with the right drink, the combination can be downright exquisite.

Here’s a quick look at some of my favorite combinations. I love to take a drag on the vape pen, letting my taste buds absorb the flavor before exhaling slowly, then taking a drink that cleanses the palette, while adding to the flavorful sensation.

Here are some great combinations of Motley Brew e-juices and complementary drinks you might want to try.

The Old Fashioned Vape and Drink

Motley Brew’s Old Fashioned e-liquid is the perfect complement to the namesake cocktail. A drag on my vape pen give me the flavor of a finely aged whiskey, with a hint of genuine sugarcane sugar and topped with spicy bitters and a dash of citrus. Taking a drink of an Old Fashioned cocktail, provides a second helping of that same wonderful flavor.

Brew’s Brothers

If you like espresso or gourmet coffees, the Brew’s Brothers e-liquid combines dark-roasted European espresso with vanilla bean cream from Madagascar, and a mildly sweet tobacco taste, plus a dash of deliciously rich butterscotch. My two favorite drinks to go along with the Brew’s Brothers is a shot of Buttery Nipple or Amaretto. A  Buttery Nipple really draws out the butterscotch flavor, while an Amaretto shot adds a slightly different twist.

Pearadise City

The Pearadise City vape juice combines exotic lychee with succulent pears, blended with French vanilla bean cream and topped off with a bit of mint. It’s a truly delicious e-juice that leaves my mouth watering after a short pull. The great thing about it is, virtually any fruity cocktail enhances the flavor, whether it’s a simple gin and juice, traditional screwdriver, or something more exotic, like a Cosmopolitan. Motley Brew’s pear flavoring will work great with just about anything with a fruity taste.

Almost Famous

Motley Brew used European influences to create its Almost Famous variety, which reminds me of a succulent dessert dish. Almost Famous combines many sweet flavorings, including blueberries, praline pecans, and powdered sugar. Taking a drag excites the senses, much in the same way as a trip to a local bakery might. The sweetened flavor works best with a good port wine or any variety of sweet wine that you might prefer.

Froot Fighters

Froot Fighters offers a blend of the best melon-based flavors, like chilled watermelon, ripe cantaloupe, and a succulent honeydew melon, along with special blended flavors, to create a truly unique and downright refreshing e-juice that tastes great and reminds me of a gorgeous summer day spent on a breezy family porch. With its medley of melon flavors, the Froot Fighter is an ideal complement to a delicious margarita or a strawberry daiquiri. Cool, flavorful, and refreshing, either drink helps me to relax and unwind, while enjoying a great vape.

Grateful Red

The Grateful Red e-juice by Motley Brew clearly is inspired by the Grateful Dead scene, and sticks to that down-home theme with an e-liquid that combines Granny Smith and red delicious apple flavors, along with a brown sugar glaze and rich, succulent, Tahitian vanilla cream. A caramelized cane sugar and lightly salted drizzle of caramel top it all off, and leave my mouth craving the taste of a caramel apple. With the apple-based flavors, it’s hard to go wrong when enjoying an appletini or even a hard cider. Many of the fruit-flavored brewed beverages also pair great, including the many varieties of hard cider now on the market.

Experimentation Works Best

There are no set rules on which drinks work best with which Motley Brew vape juice, and that means you have a great opportunity to try and create your own favorite combinations of e-juice and a good adult beverage. I find few things more relaxing and enjoyable than taking a pull on one of my favorite Motley Brew varieties, followed by a drink or shot. It’s a great way to enjoy the simple life, while also partaking of some of the finest and safest e-liquids available anywhere.

Handcrafted Quality and Purity

Motley Brew makes many great vape juices that are handcrafted in FDA-approved labs and completely free of diacetyl and acetyl propionyl, to help ensure safety, as well as great taste. Nicotine purity is 99.89 percent, and each Motley Brew e-liquid is made using top-rated, soy-based glycerin and Kosher-grade ingredients. All of its vape juice varieties are specially designed for inhalation and are GRAS-approved, making them among the best-tasting, best-vaping, and safest e-liquids on the market.

Why Vape Shops Should Carry Motley Brew eLiquids

More Vape Shops need to Stock Motley Brew JuiceMotley Brew is one of the hottest e-juice brands on the market. Vape shops that carry them extol the virtues of Motley Brew’s kosher grade ingredients and the fact that the e-liquids are all handcrafted in the USA, made in FDA-registered “clean room” labs. Their premium e-liquids were officially launched in Miami in 2015, and are now beginning to show up in vape shops across the country.

Characteristics of Motley Brew

All six of Motley Brew’s flavors are Diacetyl-free and made with a soy-based glycerin. This provides vapers with a 100% clean juice, large amount of vapor, and an intense flavor. The Motley Brew e-liquids are formulated to be inhaled, and are also GRAS approved.

While these are some of the most premium flavors on the market, their shelf prices are comparable to other e-juices – customers will be pleased that they can get such high quality at such a good price. Customers note that Motley Brew’s e-liquids are as smooth as they come, and the same customers will keep coming back for more.

Artful Flavors

Motley Brew is known for their stand-out flavors. They have committed a great deal of time and resources to make these strong, flavorful mixes. Standouts include Brews Brothers, Pearadise City, the Froot Fighters, and the Old Fashioned.

In fact, the Old Fashioned e-liquid earned the “Best in Show” award at the Vape Summit 2015. This delightful blend provides vapers with a taste of whiskey, a bit of sugarcane, and notes of citrus and bitters. Those that enjoy the taste of smooth whiskey will line up to buy this one.

Brews Brothers is perfect for those who love coffee as it has tastes of dark roasted espresso with hints of vanilla and butterscotch. It’s a wonderful morning vape for anyone who needs a pick me up.

For those who enjoy the flavors of lychee fruit, pear, and vanilla, Motley Brew offers Pearadise City. This blend is very exotic (plenty of fruit right off the bat) with a hint of mint afterwards.

Order Now

Vape shop owners who are interested in stocking Motley Brew e-liquids simply need to get in touch. They offer high margins to keep the residual income flowing. Motley Brew provides unmatched customer service to their vendors, helping vendors drive sales. Please contact Motley Brew for further information and opportunities.

Why You Should Start Vaping Motley Brew for Your New Year’s Resolution

New Year: Real ResolutionYou make the same resolution every year. You want to quit smoking. But after a few days or maybe even a week, you go back to the old habit once again. This year, it might be a good idea to try reforming your resolution slightly. Instead of simply giving up smoking, why not replace it with something else? Vaping is a great replacement for the normal smoking habit.

Vaping Benefits

Using electronic cigarettes and e-juice helps you get the nicotine your body is addicted to without all of the tobacco that harms you. You still get smoke breaks and the calming effect you enjoy with the added benefit of different flavors and many less health risks.

How to Start

If you are interested in trying e-liquids, the first thing you need to do is get a vaping kit. There are many different kits from which to choose so you will want to look them over carefully and see which suits you best. Perhaps you will want to start with an inexpensive device to see if you like the vaping process. Or, if you are committed to stopping your smoking habit, go all out and get something really nice.


Once you have a kit, you will realize that e-juices come in a large variety of flavors. E-liquids come in 30mL plastic bottles with spouts that are easy to pour and replace. How each flavor will taste depends partially on the device you get, but there are enough options to satisfy every taste preference. The best part is that you can customize the flavor you want or choose from popular blends. It is a good idea to buy small amounts of a few different flavors until you find what you like.

Here are a few examples of some great Motley Brew flavors you could try.

The Brother’s Brew is a popular, new addition that gives you the flavor of dark roasted espresso blended with vanilla bean cream. If you enjoy coffee and sweet tobacco, this flavor might quickly become a favorite!

Almost Famous is another flavor option. This e-liquid reminds you of a freshly baked cake with blueberries and pecans. It resembles the dessert you always crave!

With enough options on the market, anyone can find a flavor they enjoy and the e-cigarettes can help keep you away from real smoking and its harmful effects.

The Dangers of Vaping Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl

Beware of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl If you’ve been vaping for a while now, you are probably aware of the ingredients Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl. As more research is done regarding these products, more vaping users and manufacturers are coming to the conclusion that these ingredients are not safe to include in a product.

These questionable ingredients are not found in every line of products, thankfully, and after reading about them a bit more, you can come to your own conclusion regarding the vaping products you choose and the ingredients that are in them.


In large doses, Diacetyl can be toxic. The first study associated with the dangers of this product occurred a few years ago when a popcorn factory worker developed irreversible lung issues. These problems were caused by Diacetyl, which is used in the production of buttered popcorn.

Diacetyl is often included in the composition of vaping products, and seeing how we inhale these products directly into our lungs, this is where the dangers are lurking. Depending on how much you vape over the course of a single day, you might be at risk of developing serious health concerns.

Keep in mind that the woman working in the popcorn factory was simply in the warehouse doing her job. She was inhaling the product inadvertently rather than inhaling it directly into her lungs on purpose. While OSHA has set guidelines as to how much Diacetyl can be safely included in a product, some people have decided to avoid this ingredient all together.

Acetyl Propionyl

Once consumers began avoiding Diacetyl, Acetyl Propionyl was created. This was intended to be an alternative, but it turned out to be just as dangerous. Acetyl Propionyl is still a lung irritant and has a very similar chemical makeup to Diacetyl.

Motley Brew

When it comes to vaping, many people have jumped on the bandwagon as they believe it is a safer alternative to smoking regular cigarettes. Harmful ingredients such as Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl will only negate the potential benefits of vaping. Fortunately, you as a consumer can do your research and avoid certain ingredients as you see fit. High quality Motley Brew E-liquids are free of Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl and we recommend all vapers give them a try.

Motley Brew: One of the Best Vape Juices Around

Motely Brew Quality E-LiquidsWhen I first started vaping, I thought all e-liquids were created equal. Over time, I found they aren’t and the difference wasn’t just the price, it was the quality of the ingredients. Some juices were expensive, but didn’t taste good. Or, they weren’t true to the flavor on the label. “Coffee flavor” tasted like anything but coffee, for example.

After spending hundreds of dollars trying different brands and sellers, I realized it’s the ingredients I have to pay attention to, regardless of the price. Vape juices I didn’t like the taste of, or that didn’t generate enough of a hit to reach the back of my throat, generally had a few things in common: low quality standards and/or ingredients I could have done without.

What You Don’t Want

Let’s start with what you don’t want regarding your e-liquids.


·        Diacetyl: in large doses, can cause damage to the lungs

·        Acetyl Propionyl: considered a respiratory irritant

Unlike other manufacturers who use these ingredients to construct their flavors, Motley Brew does not. Both of these chemicals have been found to be dangerous to one’s health.

What You Do Want

On a broad level, you want vaping juices from a manufacturer who formulates their flavors in an American FDA-Registered Lab, like Motley Brew. This ensures quality control standards are being followed.

Glycerin is a main ingredient of all juices, so having top-rated glycerin is important. The highest quality and socially responsible soy-based glycerin is best. Again, Motley Brew has it.

When I thought of vaping juices going directly in my mouth, I thought about food-grade standards. Is the juice I am using food-grade and how does that affect my vaping experience? Well, it turns out, it does.

What I like about Motley Brew’s juices is they’re made of food-grade ingredients and that they go one step further when it comes to flavors. Their ingredients are produced to inhale and are Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS). I can literally taste the difference.

Motley Brew’s Old Fashioned flavor is a high-quality E-liquid for the discerning vaper. I enjoy its whiskey flavor, the hint of spicy bitters, citrus aromas with touches of raw sugarcane. Others seem to enjoy it as well, as it was awarded Best in Show at the 2015 Vape Summit. You can learn more Motley Brew products on their website, motleybrew.com<http://www.motleybrew.com/>.

Start Making Money with Motley Brew

Make Money With Motley Brew E-LiquidsI enjoy e-cigarettes and decided to start making money with Motley Brew. This decision allowed me to pass the savings on to my friends in our group of vaping buddies and I made lots of new friends, too!
Motley Brew allows me to provide products for both new and experienced vapors. I quickly realized this is a “win-win” situation for them and me! I was able to pass the financial savings on to my friends and I made some money in return. In fact, Motley Brew provides a great opportunity to receive free products, as a member.

I would help the newbies with starter kits and brag about the volume of vapor when selling a Rebel kit to one of my fellow vaping gurus. My customers enjoy the fact that each Motley Brew pack was infused with a delicious blend of e-liquids and provides a rich vaping experience. Motley Brew has a wide variety of eclectic and artisan flavors to suit every taste. When I started making money with Motley Brew, I realized that I am proud to be providing a taste and flavor that can’t be rivaled by any other e-liquids.

Whether you are an individual or a retail location, Motley Brew has opportunities for you to make money with their excellent brand.

Individuals can go to: http://www.motleybrew.com/reach-us/service.html or email Motley Brew at:[email protected]<mailto:[email protected]> to inquire and/or get started with an Affiliate Program to start making money with Motley Brew.

Retail locations looking to work with Motley Brew can go here: http://www.motleybrew.com/reach-us/wholesale.html for additional information. Fill out the form on that page to get in touch with Motley Brew regarding wholesale opportunities. Vape shops can receive free sampler packs and Motley Brew offers different pricing tiers and price breaks based on order volume. All orders – regardless of size – ship within 24 hours of cleared payment and the company ships across the planet!

Motley Brew e-liquids are made with the highest-quality ingredients and without Diacetyl and Acetyl Propionyl. They are handcrafted in FDA-registered labs right here in the United States of America. For more information, visit MotleyBrew.com<http://www.motleybrew.com/>.

Why You Should Vape at Concerts and Music Events

At Motley Brew, we know you’re a lot more likely to hook up if you smell like one of our premium vape juices than the stale tobacco. Vaping at concerts and music events is a great fit – you’re in an environment where everyone’s relaxed and having a good time, and our e-juices are only going to enhance that experience for yourself and those around you.

Be Smart, Check Out the Venue

Depending on what you’re vaping, you may or may not get hassled by security at the door. A lot of it may depend on what city you’re in and what the current laws are and which venue you go to. A smart thing to do is find out about the venue before you go. Is it indoors or outdoors? Do they have an explicit vape policy? It always helps to do a little research beforehand.

Will Security Be an Issue?

Will security be tight at the show you’re going to see? Many venues do a pat-down at the door as standard procedure and some locations even use metal detectors. Some may make you empty your pockets or want to look in a purse. In these cases, the smaller and less conspicuous your vape is, the better.

If Necessary, Be Inconspicuous

Once you’re into the show, think about where you want to be so you won’t be too conspicuous to security who might want to hassle you. If the show is general admission, the middle of the floor, not too close to the front, with people all around you, is a great place to be.

If you’re with friends and want to share, obviously be discreet about it. If you’re not, don’t be surprised if a stranger (or more than one) wants to take a hit or two off your vape. Depending on how social you want to be and – let’s be honest – how good looking the person asking is, this can be a positive or negative thing! Enjoy the show, and enjoy your Motley Brew vape!

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